Valley View Records is a label born from a creative collision between visual and audio art forms. Inspired from the emotions evoked when combining the two, our main drive is to source and promote modern, beautiful and exciting music from talented artists all across the globe. Our music selection is precise and carefully considered with a primary on focus on the mood the music invokes. Our range doesn't stop at audio art, we also curate our own online art gallery which is constantly updated with modern and relative pieces for your viewing.


Founding Director & Music Manager at Valley View Records.


Matt started composing original music at the young age of 13 and was performing publicly by 15. He has spent the most part of any spare time dedicated to improving his knowledge and ability in music. He started studying classical piano, guitar and theory as a child and still studies to this day. At some point in his life he has been involved with or performed in nearly every genre of music. In 2017 he delved headfirst into music production blending his classical compositions with his love of ambient electronic music to create a style unto himself. Within the first 2 months of releasing this style of music for public access he had secured a number of licensing agreements for his tracks providing his first insight into music publishing and licensing which would become a focus point for the label.

When he has not been in the studio he has also spent a large amount of his time and energy in business management and marketing.    Working his "Plan B" to being a rockstar he built a very successful career in the commercial sector in various management positions. He has since been able to transfer all of these skills into Valley View Records to make it what it is today.


Creative Arts Director at Valley View Records.

"As an artist I always find myself questioning and searching for more. I am not tied down to any particular style or genre and I find that I can adopt a unique approach to any medium and create using my senses and where the idea takes me.

I love the notion of abstract and the freedom it creates and I would fall into this category if I were to be placed into one. I love Jackson Pollack and MC Escher as artists but all art is unique and powerful in its own rights.

I can design, create, write poems and songs and all things art I love to do and experiment by trying new techniques and melding two or three together to find unusual creations never seen.

I have been creating paintings and artworks for over 12 years and have been drawing for most of my life with a few awards for my paintings under my belt. These days I find myself collaborating with other artists in the field of photography to add that flavour to the graphic design element that I also bring.

All of my creations are one of a kind from artworks to logos and CD Album covers and I strive to create a final piece that the end user is happy to showcase, something the world has not seen before, new, different and unusual with all the excitement and creativity.

I bring a spiritual element to all of my designs to ensure that I meet the deadline and criteria that the client is looking for. Whether you have an idea in mind or none at all I can work with anyone to bring their idea to life.

I don’t plan to be the next Da Vinci but I plan to create a world where art has no boundaries and we can experience the true value of art and craftsmanship through emotions and the senses."


Middle Mastering - Benjamin Lincoln.JPG

Mastering Engineer - Middle Mastering & Valley View Records

Based in the rolling hills of the UK’s South West, Middle Mastering is a well established
analogue mastering studio run by audiovisual artist and mastering engineer, Benjamin
Lincoln. With an industry leading focus on enhancing sonic character and artistic concept,
whilst retaining mix integrity, Benjamin creates masters with balance, depth and clarity using
esoteric analogue equipment from Prism Sound, Elysia, Cranesong, TK Audio and more…
“Before I started mastering music full time, I was an audiovisual artist creating projects and
showcasing work in the UK. This put me within a community of independent and signed
artists that I realised would benefit from a mastering studio that puts artists and their
creative visions first. I wanted to start a mastering service that empowers artists by giving
them control. In this current landscape of machine-learning, AI and increasingly cheap,
faceless mastering studios, the opportunity to work with a real human who puts artistic
vision above everything else is becoming rare.”

Book your own masters with Benjamin here:

Benjamin Lincoln

Peter Bek 07 2500x2500.jpg

Sync & Licensing Manager at Valley View Records.

Peter Bek has been in the music business for over 20 years, working with labels, booking agencies, concert promoters and music publishers. We are thrilled to have him join our team and assist our artists to achieve sync placements on their music via his international network in the sync and publishing business. Peter owns Zack’s TALENT, which is a sync agency, boutique label, music publisher and management firm based in Copenhagen, Denmark. More info via



Audio Visual at Valley View Records.

Christophe is one of Valley View Records longest standing artists, creating and performing beautiful downtempo music under the moniker SENSiTiZER. As an artist Chris has always been fascinated with the cross over between audio and visual and how the two forms can interact and compliment each other. He starting creating basic visualizers early on in his career and has continued to develop his knowledge and skill set in this arena over the many years he has been producing and releasing music. We are very excited to now how him on our team creating beautiful video animations and promotion assets for us and our artists.  

Christophe Petit


Artist Support & Marketing at Valley View Records.

With a long history of writing electronic music, Henrik Laugesen better known under the pseudonym “Lauge” or as part of “Lauge & Baba Gnohm” still continues to express himself through deep and melancholic soundscapes ranging from beat-less drones to IDM/Glitch.  
With a career spanning over a decade and releases with many major labels, Lauge has established a very firm foot hold within the Ambient genre and has a vast network of industry contacts accross many platforms including some major YT Channels and Playlist curators. Lauge has a lot to offer our artists and is a major asset in helping new releases gain traction. We are thrilled to have him on board.

Check out this great playlist on Spotify curated by Henrik-

Ambient Soundscapes


Artist Support & Marketing at Valley View Records.

With one foot in the folk world and one in the ambient, Nik Davies is a composer and producer with a breadth of expertise. As a fingerstyle guitarist, Nik plays with an unique voice that is enchanting and evocative. As an ambient producer under the name Applefish, Nik crafts spaced soundscapes that embrace the wide open endless universe. Also adept at music licensing, promotion and marketing, Nik’s industry experience brings a lot of value to the table. Nik is passionate about supporting talented artists to reach wider and engaged audiences.

Check out this amazing playlist Curated by Nik-  

Ambient Space Soundscapes

Nik Davies

Promotion Partner with Valley View Records.


MySphera’s the ultimate platform that matches between cutting edge artists with the new age of content tastemakers. 

They bring new music to new audiences through the tastemakers they trust, in a smart and simple way.

For artists who are serious about their craft and reaching larger audiences with their music then you need to check them out!

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