Artist - Clayton Popa (Signed)

152cm(W) x 61cm(H) x 4cm(D) 3kg


Whilst listening to Indian flute music the energies created and vibrated the paints to create this galaxy like rhythm. 

This painting is charged with the soulful easy listening of the Indian flute and frequencies of the world.

Framed in white acrylic paint to make this piece stand out and pop.

$650 + S&H

Artist - Clayton Pop (Signed)


120cm(W) x 76cm(H) x 4cm(D) 3kg


An explosion of thoughts released through sound and brush to calm a busy mind or to enhance it.

This piece won a special merit award in the online Light Space and Time gallery.

$600 +S&H


Artist - Clayton Popa (Signed)

76cm(W) x 76cm(H) x 4cm(D) 2.2kg


A unique Pop Art design that incorporates my unique Modern Art Signature as well. This is a explosive pop style that rings urban and street vibes.

The use of large paint brushes and a splatter technique creates this ultra cool painting.

$400 +S&H


Artist - Clayton Popa (Signed)

61cm(W) x 76cm(H) x 4cm(D) 2kg


Created this piece with the feeling of openness and new beginnings.

This is a modern / pop art piece for calm and serenity.

$200 + S&H


Artist - Clayton Popa (Signed)

90cm(W) x 79cm(H) x 4cm(D) 2kg triangle


Created this piece with the feeling of tranquility and serenity whilst listening to chilled sounds and beats,

High flow acrylics on canvas

$290 + S&H


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