Matt Tondut
June 25

Introducing Convergence, the stunning second album from compositional ambient producer Matt Tondut.

In Matt's words: "This album has been an absolute pleasure and really captures my musical journey to date. I learned early on that community and friendship was extremely important to me and my growth as an artist navigating the music industry. I have been so fortunate to collaborate with so many people that have inspired my music in so many ways. This album is a celebration of the journey and all the amazing and incredibly talented artists I have met along the way and whom I now consider friends."

The album features 10 collaborative tracks between Matt Tondut and other incredible artists from the Ambient and Modern Classical scene. With a number of tracks already released as singles and placed on some editorials it has already amassed well past 1 million streams on various DSP's before launch.

The featured artists on this album include Jonathan Warman, Brightsand, Good Weather For An Airstrike, V E N N, Antarctic Wastelands, We Dream Of Eden, Lauge, Eyolf & Javi Lobe.

Listen to the album in full from this Private Link

Matt Tondut's music is currently enjoyed by more than 250K listeners every month across multiple DSP's. He is also currently featured on some notable editorial playlists as listed below.

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