Icefields is an award-winning composer and music producer from Minneapolis, United States, who started his musical journey learning classical piano at the age of 8.  As time went on, he quickly decided he enjoyed tinkering around on the keys more than practicing scales.  In high school, he began studying music theory on his own, and eventually started stringing together harmonies and melodies into complete creations.  That's when things became more serious, and he decided that music had become his ultimate passion.  He delved into an immersive composition program at the University of Minnesota, and after graduating Cum Laude with honors, he took what he hed learned and combined the melodic and harmonic development of classical music and the evolving layered juxtapositions of conventional electronic chill to come up with a fresh sound of his own.  Icefields is a music producer to watch, with his compositions continuing to grow into a niche of their own.