Demo Submissions

Regrettably, Valley View Records is not currently accepting demos.


We apologize for this decision and we are sincerely humbled that you have considered us. We have enjoyed listening to demos and made every effort to respond to all artists.


Unfortunately due to the substantial increase of submissions and our workload, we simply cannot listen and respond to new artists at the moment and need to focus solely on our existing roster. Your creative output deserves the utmost attention and we cannot offer that at this time.

Music Licensing


Message Sent! We will be in contact soon.​While you wait - Check out our social media sites and make sure you are following us for all our updates!

All of our music is available for licensing and we would be thrilled to assist in your project needs. 


We are very flexible with budgetary requirements and have access to a vast network of producers and composers if you would like custom compositions.  


If you would like to license any of our tracks for your projects or have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us now to chat directly with our Sync Manager.

Playlists & Reviews

For information on our playlists and for music reviews you can reach us HERE